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MediaJoin 3.0
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MediaJoin 3.0

Publisher:Mystik Media
Requirements:Pentium 600mhz or AMD equivalent, 64 MB RAM
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

MediaJoin - MediaJoin is software that enables you to easily join (combine) all popular audio and video formats into a single merged audio or video file. Formats supported include MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and WMV. Optionally include audio tag information for combined output audio files. Settings are available for bitrate, frequency, channels, VBR, and WMA profile for audio files; and AVI audio and video codec, MPEG bitrate, frame rate, size, and WMV profile for video files, providing complete output control.

The software supports more formats than other audio and video joiners on the market. In fact, it is the only complete all-in-one solution for joining (combining) audio and video files. With MediaJoin, you get a MP3 joiner, WMA joiner, WAV joiner, OGG joiner, AVI joiner, MPG joiner, and WMV joiner all in the same application!

List of Changes:

Version 3.0 from 2005-11-11


Easily join / combine audio or video files.

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File Size: 3 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

KelticSpirit 2011-08-31 11:44:00 #
Version: 3.0

If memory serves I had trouble getting it to work on my machine.

Bblascoux 2011-05-16 16:24:01 #
Version: 3.0

Does not work with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits.

Jcrispimromao 2011-04-11 04:42:10 #
Version: 3.0

Well, I downloaded Media Join 3.0, because I had several video files which I wanted in one single file. The problem was that I am new to this scene and I didn´t know what to do with compression codecs.
When I realized that it was creating a huge avi file with more than 19Gb... I had to stop the process...and when I tried it using a compression method it didn't work...
So I looked for another software which I downloaded and solved my problem.
In my opinion the software should forward information on the type of compression codecs to use...

Spryangue 2010-12-03 11:54:03 #
Version: 3.0

Product crashed during install. Tried on two different computers. Does not work, would not recommend.

Jacquiruth2 2010-10-23 20:43:32 #
Version: 3.0

I recently had a hard drive crash, and have just been trying to re-load all my programs; therefore, I haven't yet used this particular download. However, I will say that I have always loved's perfect and simple in the capacity in which I use it. Great product, thanks!

Kwkstar 2010-10-22 22:51:03 #
Version: 3.0

This is not freeware. I could not tell you anything except the video was upside down!

Bavpi 2010-09-27 09:58:10 #
Version: 3.0

I have used this program before and upgraded recently to latest version.
This program has never failed to join music files correctly.
David Wampler

Litrans 2010-06-07 15:42:14 #
Version: 3.0

MediaJoin did work for me after a fashion, but it seems that the version I got for trial is 1.0.0, rather than 3.0 I was expecting. Is that because I selected to download freeware? I wanted to create .ogg files, but the software would not do that, so I had to settle for .mp3 instead. When selecting a group of files simultaneously, the order got scrambled, and I was limited to no more than about 10-11 at a time. I could make several consecutive selections to join more than that many, but I had to select them in smaller groups and re-sort the order to get the result I wanted.

I have spent only a couple of sessions with MediaJoin, but I have found it a bit less than I had hoped for -- at least the version that my download brought me. It is somewhat short of my expectations.

Kolanczyk Rick 2010-03-15 06:09:46 #
Version: 3.0

I tried to combine two mpeg files and the results were less than stellar. The video played in fast motion. Dissapointed.

Ianric Ivarsson 2010-02-06 10:39:33 #
Version: 3.0

MediaJoin is excellent, but you have to find another download. This download is NOT a free ver 3.0 but a crippled ver 1.0 Go to Tucows instead to find a free and fully operational ver 1.0

Luke Hislop 2010-02-04 01:57:07 #
Version: 3.0

Good simple program did exactly what I needed it to

Blacktoptheory 2010-02-02 22:25:28 #
Version: 3.0

I found this software to be quite useful. It's very easy to use and works quickly, even on large files. My only wish would be an audio editor included that allowed my to make the final track seamless, but for $Free.99 I'm more than pleased.

AlanBJones 2009-11-20 14:35:30 #
Version: 3.0

I tried MediaJoin 3.0 to merge several WMA files, but was unsuccessful. It repeatedly failed because of an overflow issue.

Atkinsonfamily95 2009-09-16 22:10:58 #
Version: 3.0

First off, this is not 3.0, it's 1.0. At first, it worked great and really liked the program. Easy to use! Then it started acting funny. I'd hit the "join" button and it would freeze. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still freezes. There seems to be no support on their website, so I have no idea what is going on.

Clowreed 2009-08-11 21:15:49 #
Version: 3.0

This is a great product. it helped me a lot

Bill S 2009-07-29 14:32:03 #
Version: 3.0

Works great in XP but not Vista.

Dan 2009-07-27 13:19:59 #
Version: 3.0

Only tried it once, but it worked perfectly and seamlessly joined three mpg videos for me. I will register this product later today.

Aradearh 2009-07-27 05:47:27 #
Version: 3.0

Hi, thank you for the free software. It is a useful software but unfortunately it take so long to merge video files and the result is not as i expected. Probably due to my unfamiliarity with the software.


Dwalker 2009-07-07 19:00:17 #
Version: 3.0

Hi There,

Not quite sure how my message to you came about, as I do not recall being in contact previously. Media Join does not work with any of my VLC media files in any format. Decided then to pay money for XVidConverter, got it registered and still no joinings or conversions. Running XP Home system with plenty of RAM and hard disc space. Any random thoughts as to what I may be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated, otherqwise I will give up graciously.


Dave Walker

Perth Australia

James Hake 2009-06-26 23:20:43 #
Version: 3.0

Not much to say: it did exactly what I wanted it to do rather easily. I'm obviously in a Windows environment, else I'd use cat.

Thanks for the app.

Ladomenospondikas 2009-06-22 07:31:54 #
Version: 3.0


Tad282 2009-06-20 22:48:09 #
Version: 3.0

I don't understand why, but when the files are joined, the play in SUPER high speed with no audio...

Spnlvanwill 2009-06-16 05:29:48 #
Version: 3.0

The program crashes everytime I try to join video files.

Nilsfredriklarsson 2009-06-06 07:49:03 #
Version: 3.0

I used the program and i am no expert. however i failed to make it work properly. i managed to make files but the quality was always below my tolerance. many times it worked to 5% then died, many other times 17% then died. i dont like the program coz it is not for me as a amateur who just want the job done fast and easy.

Tavakoli 2009-06-03 06:57:48 #
Version: 3.0

In installation period, I receive an error:

Module C:WindowsSystem32NCTAudioFile2.dll Failed to register.

My Windows is Vista version, is this error related to this?


G R Goldin 2009-05-26 11:38:31 #
Version: 3.0

For my needs MediaJoin was fine.Thank you.

Tfitzsimmons 2009-05-19 20:01:56 #
Version: 3.0

It didn't work for me. It would get to between 60 and 90% finished then stop. The file it created would then play in fast forward till half way through then halt. Apologies, it isn't what I'm looking for.

Bonavent08 2009-05-15 09:43:59 #
Version: 3.0

I love the product it worked for me, but you folks should find a way to make it possible for your users to eliminate the unwanted part of the music that will be joined, otherwise, it is a fantastic product i will recommend it to friends , thanks

Opticscoach 2009-05-08 06:39:24 #
Version: 3.0

Great Program, easy and fast! Use it frequently.

Imemerald75 2009-04-27 06:02:07 #
Version: 3.0

Good program! Worked well.

Stephane Poirier 2009-04-15 12:24:55 #
Version: 3.0

excellent, but it does not support drag and drop in windows. it would be nice if it was controlable from command line (batch process).

K2soni 2009-04-15 09:48:46 #
Version: 3.0

Output file is of very poor quality.

Juergen Ahrens 2009-04-07 01:10:56 #
Version: 3.0

a bit slow imho and the video/audio synchronization isnt always exact. still, it works and its free :o)

Stan Herbert 2009-04-03 14:15:25 #
Version: 3.0

I am very pleased with MediaJoin 3.0,which I downloaded yesterday.There were no problems installing the software and I was able to get started straight away. It is so easy to use and the results acheived are extremely good. Thank you

Roslih 2009-03-26 06:57:14 #
Version: 3.0


Great software. Easy to use.

Omegarowsdower 2009-03-24 09:18:19 #
Version: 3.0

There was a tag that said it combined MP4s but wasn't in the program, but it would be good for the other needs it needed (as soon as I saw it wouldn't do what I needed it for I uninstalled it)

Luigi15 62804 2009-03-21 15:23:37 #
Version: 3.0

thanks a lot for this software. I needed it. the only thing wrong is that at the moment in which the 1sy video clip ends, then the next one starts, the audio fades for like a sec, but no worries, it still worked.

thanks again!

Anabubula1989 2009-03-05 14:27:45 #
Version: 3.0

don`t read

I want to join hd files but your program don't read the files any idea ?

Dodo 2009-02-24 11:45:15 #
Version: 3.0


Habe das Programm runtergeladen ohne Probleme instaliert und es läuft einfach prima, die Bediehnung ist wirklich simpel. Ich kann MediaJoin nur empfelen.

Fagerhot 2009-01-30 06:47:49 #
Version: 3.0

MediaJoin is very good indeed, but...

I started to use MediaJoin (freeware) last year. Until then I used Kate's Video Joiner, but this freeware (!?) program started to ask for a licence number and consequently did not function any more. I "googled" for some other freeware video joiner and found MediaJoin, which is "very O. K.". Many thanks! MediaJoin has a small flaw, but when you know this, it does not matter. When I want to combine three or more files, e. g. file1.mpg, file2.mpg, file3.mpg and file4.mpg, the list looks like this: file3.mpg, file1.mpg, file2.mpg, file4.mpg. I have to move file3.mpg to its right place. This should be corrected in the program, altough it not is a severe error! But what has happened with my freeware MediaJoin? Until some weeks ago, I choosed mpeg2 as output format. Now this does not function any more, only wmv is possible. Can you tell me what the reason is?

Stemslogger 2009-01-13 16:35:33 #
Version: 3.0

It worked - but........

Did what it claimed to do - but took hours and hours to combine my avi files.
Looks pretty, but, if you are a pensioner like me with age-affected eyesight you will HATE the Button labels which lack brightness or contrast on their dark backgrounds with their dark font colour choice.
PLease software designers, remember those users out there who have impaired abilities - not just eyesight.

Jshields2u 2009-01-01 19:59:31 #
Version: 3.0

It is probably my error

I only tried joining AVI files thus far, but on the ones that I did complete, I noticed that the voice became out of sync with the video. The other comment I have which I think may be a result of my not setting the program up correctly is that the resulting files become so huge that it is not practical i.e. A two hour movie that starts out at 1GB or less becomes 80 GB when completed....

Pdeweerdt 2008-12-28 11:59:34 #
Version: 3.0

Vista install fails

Downloaded from a few different sites, but it does not install on Vista Business SP1

Dmclaugh 2008-12-04 13:10:42 #
Version: 3.0

Great product

The software worked exactly as advertised and did evrything that I needed.

Kimelj0 2008-11-23 14:31:20 #
Version: 3.0

comment and reason

good software just only needed for one situation combining 168 .ogg files that as a whole represented a entire ebook. you know load up one file instead of 168 files. windows media player does not always load files in correct order and you have to spend time to move things in the playlist. Promblem was stack overflow too many files combining giving a output file bigger than your software was willing to produce i would assume. Fun to watch it at work though

nice day - Jim

Lou 2008-10-27 12:44:53 #
Version: 3.0


I installed the program with no problem. Made several attempts to combine files. They were not successful. Sound and video were out of sync, in one case video played several times. I was trying to figure out why (could have been my fault) when I got an error (can't rmember the message). I tried repair action, with no success. Removed and completely and reinstalled, but same error. I have removed again. May try later.

Terry.stevens 2008-09-20 11:31:27 #
Version: 3.0


Great piece of kit. Does exactly as it says on the tin!!!!

Ljp 2008-09-17 21:13:15 #
Version: 3.0

Vista problem

Wouldn't load. My computer said it wasn't a Win32 application.

Mcudd 2008-09-10 22:28:50 #
Version: 3.0

not usable

Loaded well and appeared to be easy to use but I would get a run time error when I went to save the file, thus it is not usable for me.

Tevyaw 2008-09-08 20:27:12 #
Version: 3.0

would be usefull if it could join m4a audio

It would be useful if it could join .m4a audio files from iTunes (without re-compression). This is a sorely needed feature that no software out there provides. If it had that, I'd use MediaJoin.

hongchong 2008-09-01 08:48:41 #
Version: 3.0


This is a great piece of freeware that enabled me to string together lecture files from cds in WAV format to wma and end up with just one file. Simple and effective. THanks!

Trulfe24 2008-05-23 16:53:24 #
Version: 3.0

Great software.

I have used this software in the past and I have found it to be great at doing what it states. Can't beat the price either.

vader 2008-04-24 20:39:34 #
Version: 3.0

Use to join tracks from audiobooks

I'm now able to put audiobooks on my ipod without it importing 10+ tracks per disk. I can join all tracks on a disk and save it as one disk. Software is easy to use and works very well

Jonny Yapp 2008-01-25 05:16:24 #
Version: 3.0

This really did`t work at all.

The only thing that did join was the audio. The videojoin didn`t work. A total waste of time. Don`t waste money.

Auser99 2007-10-16 23:21:36 #
Version: 3.0

MediaJoin - ok, with limitations

The product seemed to work best with smaller files. I tried to join some files in the 15MB+ range, & it seemed to choke on these.

mhanna 2007-07-30 09:24:21 #
Version: 3.0

Works as promised!

What more can I say... I does what it says it will do.

media join 2007-04-03 09:01:59 #
Version: 3.0

media join review

the first time i tried to use the joined files were extremely slow. i deleted that file and when i tried agein it worked. thank you

Joe Musashi 2007-03-05 09:46:40 #
Version: 3.0


I've used this tool for an AUDIO join and it worked. It didn't retain the original order of the files I opened, so I had to adjust, which is pretty easy to do. Once the program sorta froze and I had to restart because I couldn't change or choose anything anymore, don't know exactly what I did prior to that, so sorry: no reproduction possible. Well, it basically did what I wanted it to, so that's great, it was free after all! Thanks.

Jme 2007-01-29 20:53:22 #
Version: 3.0

It worked.

MediaJoin did exactly what I needed it to do. I was working on combining a series of sentences that were
in multiple wav files, and MediaJoin let me create them into one large file. I was able to then import the
new file into the software I was using for a school research project. Thanks!

GRG 2006-10-23 20:53:09 #
Version: 3.0

Still not sure yet

The idea is great, but the function is wanting. I'm still trying to work around it, but so far, the program seems to choke on 17M joins -- it seems to handle joins smaller than about that, but on sizes in that range, I get an error message that the join can't be made.

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File Size: 3 Mb